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Kabul city in the sunrise

Zahir Athari was born in Daikundi province. After his village was devastated by the civil war he left his birthplace. He studied journalism and works with Afghan refugees in Norway. He spoke to us about the biggest challenge facing politics in Afghanistan.

Manizha Ramiz in her office

Manizha Ramiz studies psychology at Kabul University and works for Education TV.  We spoke to her about the situation für young politicians in Afghanistan and why today's generation doesn't accept some political parties.

Faramarz Tamana

Dr Faramarz Tamana is Head of the Strategic Studies Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also leads the Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education and teaches International Relations.



India finds itself in a difficult transformation process. This dossier strives to make the country in its diversity more tangible. And to correspond with the upcoming parliamentary elections, it also makes room for a variety of socio-political and economic policy analyses and debate, and aims to define India’s foreign policy role.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is compiling a dossier containing articles and interviews on the situation in Hungary since the right-wing government came to power in April 2010. Our intention is to raise awareness about the changes in the domain of public life in Hungary.

The 2013 elections in Cambodia are hardly expected to be free and fair. In this dossier, we examine what this means for the future of the country. Through analyses, interviews, films and studies, we pursue a critical discussion about Cambodia’s development, and give a say to Cambodian and German representatives of civil society and politics.


Cover: Perspectives Turkey 7

As Turkey enters into a period of elections, Perspectives analyzes the strategies of main political actors and emphasizes the role of urban politics for the municipal elections in March 2014. The Democracy section is supported by two extensive articles on the foreign policy of Turkey and cultural politics of the Gezi Protests.

cover afghanistans transitions

Publication Series on Democracy 31: The present study by Andrea Fleschenberg shows that in national and international debates about the transition process in Afghanistan women’s voices are seldom present, or taken into consideration.

The articles in this issue of Perspectives seek to reflect on the extent to which African legislatures have taken steps that mark their shift from being the “weakest link” of government to stronger, independent institutions. In essence, we ask – do African Parliaments really occupy the privileged position accorded to them in representational democracies?
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Afghanistan Election Day

What can we make out of a deadlocked electoral result, with seemingly contradictory stories from the candidates? A graphical analysis shows: Ghani's second round numerical victory was brought about by finding 1.3 million new votes and depositing them in key spots.


India's government has to face new and old problems: Indian nurses and construction workers were taken captive by the ISIS in Iraq. The conflict surrounding the status of Jammu and Kashmir is a legacy which has both an internal and an external dimension.

swearing-in ceremony

Exactly one month ago the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power. The young blogger Avani Tewani analysed the first decisions of the new government and assessed the political measures.

county hall in Nyíregyháza

With new rules for municipal elections four months before election day Fidesz is consolidating its majority in most city councils. The constitutionality of these changes is questionable, though.

A news stand in Budapest: The European Union and the international community are concerened about the authotitarian developments in Hungary especiallay concerning the media system and freedom of press

In its attempt to undermine a pluralistic media environment the Hungarian government launched an offensive against the Norwegian NGO Fund operating in the county. It started as a usual political battle, but behind the scenes there is going on much more.