Following peaceful protests against a contested third term of the president, violence has once again escalated in Burundi. Efforts to end the crisis will continue to fail if they ignore the country’s history and its political landscape.

The Bangla-Pesa a commons-based currency

What if a poorer community created its own currency to foster social exchange? We interviewed Ruddick, the founder of the Bangla-Pesa to learn more about his remarkable experiment in community-based money.

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The relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan is still fragile. Our project “Regional civil society engagement in green dialogs” seeks to shift the discussion from its primer focus on security aspects to shared interests by managing natural resources equitably.


Much of Myanmar’s natural resource wealth is located in ethnic areas. There are deep-rooted ethnic grievances, many of which related to the – justified – claim that past military governments have plundered what is perceived as the minorities’ own resources.

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KOD demonstration in Warsaw against recent politics of the government

At the beginning of May, large demonstrations against the policy of the government have taken place in Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw. The initiator of these and other former demonstrations in the last months is the movement KOD (Komitet Obrony Demokracji), the Committee for the Defense of Democracy. Veronika Felder and Michael Álvarez Kalverkamp spoke with Aleksandra Śniegocka-Goździk und Jarosław Marciniak, two KOD members, about the movement and the current situation in Poland.

Whilst the French government focuses on military actions in dealing with the refugee crisis, these protestants in Toulouse demand more help for the refugees (September 5, 2015)

In France economic and social problems, terrorism and internal security are viewed as more important than the migrant crisis. Seeing the migrant flows as a result of conflicts in the Arab world they deal with the problem with military assistance.

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Middle East & North Africa


Five years after the democratic upheaval Morocco is closing down spaces for civic and human rights.

Refugee camp in Lebanon

Lebanese bureaucracy, traumatized people, and little international support: There are numerous day-to-day problems in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon. Majd Chourbaji helps to solve them.

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Latin America

LGBT Marcha del Orgullo, Buenos Aires 2010

In 2006 human rights experts elaborated the Yogyakarta Principles. Their question: What is known about human rights law in relation to gender identity? An Interview about the impact of the principles so far.

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North America


In the US presidential primaries, foreign policy issues have yet to play much of a role – but this may soon change.

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From Berlin around the World

The Heinrich-Böll-Foundation works with more then 100 partner projects in 60 countries and maintains offices in 30 countries. About half of our founding goes to projects in foreign countries.

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May 27
Barışın Sesini Yükseltmek için Alternatif Habercilik
May 27
პრეზენტაცია თბილისის წიგნის საერთაშორისო ფესტივალზე / Presentation of publication at Tbilisi International Book Fair
Tbilisi / თბილისი
May 28
პრეზენტაცია თბილისის წიგნის საერთაშორისო ფესტივალზე / Presentation of publication at Tbilisi International Book Fair
Tbilisi / თბილისი
May 30
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