Publication Series Ecology

Publication Series on Ecology, Volume 22

Critique of the Green Economy - Toward Social and Environmental Equity

- June 13, 2012 - The idea of growth as the way to end poverty and escape economic and financial crisis remains largely undisputed and is currently reflected in the concept of the green economy. But not everything that is “green” and efficient is also environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. This essay outlines a policy of less, of wealth in moderation, to enable the Earth’s resources to make a life of dignity and without need possible for all.  more»

    Publication Series on Ecology, Volume 31


    - May 24, 2013 - Our mono-cultural worldview is literally preventing us from understanding the deeper causes of our multiple crises. The author Andreas Weber gives us a glimpse of the different scientific paradigm now coming into focus. The framework of Enlivenment is a promising beginning for all those who stand ready to search for real solutions to the challenges of our future. more»


      A soiled reputation. Adverse impacts of mineral fertilizers in tropical agriculture

      - May 22, 2013 - Mineral fertilizers have never been used as much as they are today, and in developing countries they are experiencing a renaissance. But the efficacy of mineral fertilizers and the problems they entail have long been a matter of contention. This study provides an overview of the economic and ecological potential as well as the limitations and negative impacts of mineral fertilizers in the tropics and subtropics. more»

        Perspectives Turkey #4/2013

        The green movement in Turkey

        - April 8, 2013 - The April issue of our Turkish "Perspectives" magazine portrays the environmental movement in Turkey and takes a closer look at its agenda, its protagonists, its biggest achievements and its relationship to the political sphere. Furthermore, it provides articles on the fields of democracy, culture, ecology and foreign policy. more»


          Privatizing the Governance of “Green Growth”

          - November 26, 2012 -

          Big transnational corporations do what they can to stick to and increase their power in the natural resources sector and promote that as “Green Growth”. How can civil society react to that? In their paper Nancy Alexander and Lili Fuhr analyse the state of the development and formulate questions for a debate. 

          Nancy Alexander, Lili Fuhr more»


            Green Growth Unravelled

            - October 23, 2012 - The concept of ‘green growth’ rests on the idea of an ‘efficiency revolution’ – climate-friendly technologies, sustainable industrial and transport sectors, and an efficient use of resources. But while vast productivity increases do indeed incentivize a more efficient use of energy, they raise demand at the same time. This paper explores the range of possible rebound effects, their quantitative extent and the difficulties encountered by political efforts to contain them. Timan Santarius more»

              Publication Series Ecology, Volume 15

              Baltic Sea: Developing a Regional Cooperation for Renewables in the Electricity Sector

              - June 24, 2011 - In this paper we take a closer look at a region that could be a pioneer for regional cooperation in the EU: the Baltic Sea Region. As the first region with a European Union regional cooperation initiative and with a long-lasting tradition of cooperation, this region could play an essential role in showing the EU the way forward by sharing their large potential of diverse renewable energy sources. Mats Abrahamsson more»

                Publication Series Ecology, Volume 20

                Toward Global (Environ)Mental Change

                - February 2, 2012 - The global crisis of unsustainability is not only a crisis of the hardware of civilization, it is also a crisis of the software of minds. Therefore we need a global (environ)mental change, that is a transformation process to affect the many relationships between our minds and their environments. more»

                  Publication Series Ecology, Volume 8

                  Climate Change and the Right to Food

                  - December 7, 2009 - This study highlights how the climate change regime and the human rights regime addressing the right to food have failed to coordinate their agendas and to collaborate to each other’s mutual benefit. It proposes concrete methods by which institutions can address climate change problems and realize the right to food symbiotically, in compliance with the principles of systemic integration under international law. more»

                    Publication Series Ecology, Volume 6

                    Climate Change Violates Human Rights

                    - November 11, 2009 - It is mainly the inhabitants of the global South who suffer from the effects of climate change. This publication uses case examples to illustrate the dangers faced by indigenous peoples in particular, as well as the tools the UN human rights system gives them to support their struggle for just climate policies. By Theodor Rathgeber more»