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Economic empowerment and gender justice in the MENA region | Our Voices, Our Choices

Can economic rights alone bring radical change for women? In this podcast we go to the Middle East and north Africa to discover that real economic empowerment is about so much more than just jobs. It’s about dignity, power and daring to imagine. On a trip across the region we hear from Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan. From sextortion to discriminatory laws, we learn about what’s holding women back and we discover how sustainable economic empowerment is tightly interwoven with gender justice. Only by confronting current power structures and only by daring to re-imagine our economy can women enjoy genuine economic empowerment.

A podcast by Abby d’Arcy.

Illustration: CC BY NC ND 4.0 Arinda Craciun

Diese Episode ist Teil der Serie:

This series hands the microphone to people whose voices don’t often get heard - people now making choices which don’t conform to laws or customs - or whose views have long been disregarded, even censored. Its about communities fighting for basic human rights and its about the diverse tools of their struggles. We discover how women are securing their rights through political protest, we look in detail at women’s reproductive rights and we go into LGBT communities worldwide.