Mobilize! Economy of Activism

International Workshop Conference / Energize, Polarize, Mobilize! / Human Rights. Participation. Activism. Internet. March 22nd 2013 - Berlin

Economy of Activism

Independence vs. need of money. What are the limits in terms of sponsorship, crowdfunding and other fundraising trends? How do activists deal with the need to stay independent but also raise money?


Robert Dürhager, Oxfam Germany e.V.

Kirsten Maass, Heinrich Böll Foundation

Vera Franz, Open Society Foundations

Input & Fishbowl:

Márton Gulyás, Kretakör, Hungary*

Ahmed Asery, 3 meters away, Jemen

Tamar Gurchiani, ISFED, Georgia

Aleksandra Sekulić, CZKD, Serbia

Moderation: Cengiz Barskanmaz, HU Berlin

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