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Social Media Justice | Our Voices, Our Choices

In this episode, we hear from feminist activists on three continents who, because of the coronavirus pandemic, are relying on social media to push equal rights legislation, focusing on issues that have been exacerbated by SARS-CoV-2. We hear about reduced abortion access from an American reproductive rights organisation that was launched unintentionally by a single tweet. We also talk about how the pandemic has stripped female Indian garment workers of hard-earned rights, hearing from a trade unionist who is connecting mill workers on a social network that doesn’t need the internet. And we talk to feminist campaigners in Turkey about the increased risk of domestic violence and femicide during lingering lockdowns and why women’s names are constantly trending on social media. (A Podcast by Esme Nicholson)

Participants: Erin Jorgensen, Alex, Lamuel Enoch, Sujata Mody, Irem, Melek Arimari

Editors: Gitanjali More, Katharina Prott and Christoph Mayer

The US Reproductive Rights Group that grew out of a hashtag:

India’s offline answer to Facebook and Twitter

An online monument to Turkey’s femicide Victims

The women striving to stop femicide

Illustration: CC BY NC ND 4.0 Arinda Craciun

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This series hands the microphone to people whose voices don’t often get heard - people now making choices which don’t conform to laws or customs - or whose views have long been disregarded, even censored. Its about communities fighting for basic human rights and its about the diverse tools of their struggles. We discover how women are securing their rights through political protest, we look in detail at women’s reproductive rights and we go into LGBT communities worldwide.