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Tipping Point (4/5): Precious Soils and Seeds - Industrial agriculture and climate smart farming

The food that we eat plays a big role in the search for solutions to climate change. Agriculture is one of the major contributors of greenhouse gases. But the way we farm our land can also be a big part of the solution. In fact, certain kinds of soil are huge carbon sinks, which means that they take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In this way, healthy soil can regulate the climate. The kinds of crops we plant play another crucial role. They can help us adapt to changes in the climate that we cannot prevent. If we farm diverse crops instead of monocultures, this makes us more resilient. In this episode, we discuss the impacts of industrial agriculture and alternatives concepts like agro-ecology with Teresa Anderson from Action Aid and Mariann Bassey from Friends of the Earth Nigeria. As it turns out, the way farmers nurture their crops can make a huge difference for people and the planet.

Foto CC-0 Stephen Radford / Unsplash.com

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