The Carbon Levy Project

The Carbon Levy Project

90 oil, gas & coal producers are responsible for two thirds of our CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. It’s time to make them pay for their climate damage.


Making a killing


Climate change is already here. With less than 1°C of global warming, the impacts of climate change are already severe on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. The report is released by the Carbon Levy Project and outlines several cases where developing countries have suffered real loss and damage from climate change impacts.

Big Oil, Coal and Gas Producers Paying for their Climate Damage


The Climate Justice Programme (CJP) and the Heinrich Böll Foundation are proposing a new and innovative source of finance: a fossil fuel extraction levy paid by those 90 entities responsible for two-thirds of global carbon emissions. The third and updated edition of the Carbon Majors report, now titled "Big Oil, Coal and Gas Producers paying for their Climate Damage".

Climate Justice: The international momentum towards climate litigation

More and more individuals, communities, organisations and countries are considering climate litigation as 21 years of talks within UNFCCC have resulted in inadequate climate action. Climate litigation has seen tremendous progress worldwide as recent successful cases against different governments show. This report assesses current and pending climate litigation in the light of the Paris Agreement.

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Big Polluters, Pay Up

As the so-called advanced economies fail to fulfill their commitments to stop climate change, people in Vietnam, Myanmar or on the island states of the Pacific have to pay with their lives. Big Oil, Big Gas, and Big Coal need to accept responsibility and start making real contributions.

Von Stephen Leonard


The Carbon Levy Declaration

The Carbon Levy Project is working to introduce a global fossil fuel extraction levy to ensure that the people facing the worst impacts of climate change are compensated by those that caused the problem. In Paris, the Carbon Levy Declaration has been signed by many supporters from around the world, among them Barbara Unmüßig.


How it began...

The cost of climate change must be met by the polluting industries

Only 90 companies worldwide are responsible for 63 percent of carbon emissions in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. These climate offenders must be held accountable for their role in global warming, according to the "Carbon Majors Funding Loss and Damage" report, published today by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Climate Justice Programme.


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Today, everybody is aware of how much the earth’s climate is changing. We are campaigning for a global climate treaty that is to be overseen by the United Nations. At the same time, we are involved in efforts towards climate change mitigation, the financing thereof, and that the consequent burden be shared in an equitable manner on the local, national, and regional levels – the whole world over.


The Carbon Levy Project

90 oil, gas & coal producers are responsible for two thirds of our CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. It’s time to make them pay for their climate damage.


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With this website, we would like to take a critical look at the German federal government’s international climate change financing and help increase its transparency.