What Can Europe Do in Iraq?

What Can Europe Do in Iraq?

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12. Feb. 2009
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
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Place of Publication: Berlin
Date of Publication: February 12, 2009
Number of Pages: 92
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ISBN / DOI: 978-3-86928-000-4

Almost six years after the invasion of Iraq by US-led Coalition forces it is high time for a fundamental political debate in the European Union and in Germany about the conflict, its consequences, and Europe’s own interests. It should lead to a consistent Iraq policy for the years to come. The process of stabilization and democratization of Iraq is of key importance to the region, to global security, and to the transatlantic alliance. But a new transatlantic chapter could only be opened when Europe itself started co-writing the story, telling where and how to meet the United States halfway.

This publication describes a new start of cooperation between Europe, the United States, and regional partners in the Middle East to tackle the challenges in Iraq and to help bring peace, stability, and sustainable development to the wider region.


Table of contents:

7 Foreword

10 Faleh A. Jabar The Dilemma of Political Uncertainties

30 Sami Moubayed Internal Trends and Perspectives: Security, Politics, Economy

40 Layla Al Zubaidi and Heiko Wimmen Resolving the Iraqi Refugee Crisis

51 Bülent Aras The Regional Context: The Role of Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia

61 Daniel Serwer and Megan Chabalowski The US Debate on Iraq: What Do We Have to Expect from the Next President?

73 Daniel Korski and Richard Gowan The EU, So Far

86 Bernd Asbach and Marc Berthold What can Europe do in Iraq? – Recommendations

89 List of Abbreviations