Living Together in Germany

These two short animated features explain the most basic fundamentals about living together in Germany – tolerance and participation - as teaching materials for welcome classes. The films are in Arabic and English, with subtitles in German and French.

Tolerance and participation – for the Green Heinrich Böll Foundation, these are the two most important promises newcomers to Germany may look forward to.

The two short films, all between three and five minutes in length, explain in English, Arabic, and French how people live in the country that is to become their new home.

Simple animation shows the diversity of our country – and what it means to live in an open society where no-one tells others how to lead their lives and what to believe in.

It is about rights and standards, about opportunities to participate; it is about the clash of opinions as something to be tolerated – and it is about Germany's constitution (Grundgesetz) as the binding norm for living together in this country.

This film may be shared free of charge – and we hope that the community of volunteers, aid workers, and refugees will take advantage of this offer.

These films were produced as teaching materials for welcome classes to enable conversations between all of us.


Living Together in Germany: Tolerance
(English version with french subtitles)


Living Together in Germany: Participation
(English version with french subtitles)


Downloads (mp4):