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Commons based peer production: an introduction

Is our economy essentially wrong? It beliefs in abundant material resources and meanwhile infinite immaterial resources like knowledge and design are maintained artifically scarce, but there is an alternative.

By Michel Bauwens


Conceptual Thoughts on Establishing a Fund for Aesthetics and Sustainability

We live in an era of comprehensive social transition, in an era of the “not anymore and not yet.” This diagnosis of not anymore/not yet is the point of departure for bringing aesthetics into the debate on sustainability. It is based on the claim that artistic strategies are the best approach in radically open contents and for dealing with gaps.

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“A Room of My Own” at the Centre for Visual Cultural Research, Kiev

On May 19th, two unknown assailants attacked an exhibition by photographer Yevgenia Belorusets at the Centre for Visual Cultural Research (VCRC) in Kiev. The artist's photoworks are dedicated to the lives of Ukrainian LGBT and Queer families, who have to deal with harassment and threats of violence on a daily basis. It's not the first time that the center, which is under constant danger of being closed down by the authorities, is a target of censorship.

Conference: Radius of Art - Creative politicisation of the public sphere

The conference was designed to contribute to the international discussion around the effects art and culture have on socio-ecological transformation toward cultures of sustainability, in particular on democratisation processes and forms of political participation and social empowerment, political awareness-raising and the forming of public opinion. The dossier offers a summary of the results and suggestions of the conference.

SurVivArt – Art For the Right to a "Good Life"

For the SurVivArt project the Heinrich Böll Foundation has invited artists from around the world to reflect by means of works of art and related communications on what the “good life“ means to them and those around them. In February 2012, the works will be presented at an exhibition in Berlin.

Future stability in South Asia: Trilateral Student Exchange Programme

In July 2009, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung organized an exchange between students from various universities of the three neighboring countries Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. In an open dialogue about future stability in South Asia, the question of a common strategy for effective peace processes in the region employed them especially.

The Clearance of Pain: Selected Writings by Heinrich Böll, 1940-1985

The editors of the recently published anthology of non-fiction writings by Heinrich Böll, in Hebrew, share thoughts and comments about the celebrated author and Nobel Prize laureate. Adina Stern and Hanan Elstein also reflect on the process of their work, and explain why they believe that Böll’s work is highly relevant to contemporary Israeli society. By Adina Stern, Hanan Elstein

Climate Change in Africa: Artists Speak and Connect

The Cancún Climate Summit is accompanied by a cross continental interactive exhibition. African artists, climate experts and Cop 16 delegates form a larger creative dialogue. The exhibition was put together by the Heinrich Böll Foundation Southern Africa, with support from the COPART movement and the Arterial Network.

Culture & Politics

We promote the arts and culture as expressions of social self-awareness, and we investigate the relationship between art and forms of social activism in the national and international arena. Specifically, we support art shows and theatre projects, plan and organise film festivals, and hold conferences and open forums on issues to do with cultural policy.

In addition, our Heinrich Böll House in the German village of Langenbroich offers grants to foreign artists  faced with persecution and oppression in their home countries .


Impact of GMOs on Women’s Food Security