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Green Economy


Ecological Transformation

Financial crisis, climate change, resource scarcity, poverty and social injustice leave us with no doubt: we have to change course. This includes a different, green economy. We need a social and ecological transformation that respects planetary limits and protects human rights. The path towards change is one of investigation. Different concepts and ideas exist – from a Green New Deal or a Commons-based economy to a post-growth society.

Against this backdrop, we are analyzing and following the current debates worldwide on the “Green Economy”. We are convinced that we can succeed if the transformation is ecological, socially just, gender-equitable and democratic. 

Green Economics

Green Economics

Europe can do better - A Green Growth Agenda

- May 31, 2013 - A relationship with, not against, nature should be one of the core principles of ‘green growth’, argues Ralf Fücks. As Europe debates its economic direction, Fücks outlines the ’12 theses’ that should form the basis of a sustainable future for the continent. Ralf Fücks more»

Publication Series on Ecology, Volume 22

Critique of the Green Economy - Toward Social and Environmental Equity

- June 13, 2012 - The idea of growth as the way to end poverty and escape economic and financial crisis remains largely undisputed and is currently reflected in the concept of the green economy. But not everything that is “green” and efficient is also environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. This essay outlines a policy of less, of wealth in moderation, to enable the Earth’s resources to make a life of dignity and without need possible for all.  more»

Policy Paper

The Green Economy – The New Magic Bullet?

- March 30, 2012 - In this essay, the president of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Barbara Unmuessig, critically reflects on the opportunities for and the shortcomings of the concept of a "Green Economy" to influence economic policy making globally, its relationship to the paradigm of sustainable development and the need to rethink our understanding and focus on growth. Barbara Unmüßig more»

Higher Environmental Taxes as Solution to the Economic and Financial Crisis

- December 11, 2012 - The EU countries affected by the crisis find themselves in a dilemma. They have to ensure economic growth and employment while, at the same time, they need to reduce costs and save money through higher taxes. A new survey indicates: environmental taxes are the most effective tool in this context – and simultaneously conserve resources.
Kai Schlegelmilch more»

Policy paper

Biomassters Battle to Control the Green Economy

- June 12, 2012 - At Rio+20, the concept of the "green economy" focuses on industrial production from biomass as one way to overcome fossil fuel dependency. The push for a bio-based economy comes with a call for market-based mechanisms for the financialization of the Earth’s natural processes, re-branded as ‘ecosystem services’, which also encourage land and water grabs.  etc Group and Heinrich Boell Foundation more»

Policy Brief

Design challenges for the Green Climate Fund

- January 18, 2011 - One of the achievements of the UNFCCC negotiations in Cancun was the decision to establish a Green Climate Fund (GCF). This paper highlights design issues of the Fund and describes their implications.  Neil Bird, Jessica Brown and Liane Schalatek more»

International Conference

The Great Transformation – Greening the Economy

- May 20, 2010 - The international conference deals with the political framework, regulatory instruments, as well as leading technologies, key projects and new alliances for the economic-ecologic turnaround. On May, 28-29 a live-stream will be available. more»


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