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Social Issues

Social Issues

European social policy: Urgent need for clarification

- August 8, 2012 - Europe unilaterally imposes austerity measures without drawing a line to define minimum social standards. The result is that social achievements are being dismantled overnight. Now the call for a more socially oriented Europe has become louder. We have to make social security systems more European.  Annalena Baerbock, Anna Cavazzini more»

Four Years after the World Food Price Crisis: The Governance of World Food Security

- October 14, 2011 - The 2007–2008 world food price crisis caused political and economical instability and social unrest in both poor and developed nations. This was only the latest example for a functioning food system being an indispensable pillar of a stable economy and a society capable of reproducing itself. A new study outlines steps how the intergovernmental Committee on World Food Security could be expanded towards a politically relevant international steering committee. Nora McKeon more»
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Israeli Social Protests: The Key To Changing Everything?

- August 15, 2011 -

For the first few weeks of the social protests in Israel the press happily dismissed everything else – Palestinians, Iran, September, democracy barely reached back pages of the papers. The question at stake is, will the movement ultimately be forced by its own goals to confront and possibly re-interpret critical issues such in light of the newfound empowerment and social consciousness?

Dahlia Scheindlin more»
Europe and the American Dream

Europe and the American Dream

- November 17, 2010 -

It is particularly difficult to attain higher social status in Germany. Why is that, how should we tackle the issue and how the german situation differs from the situation in North America? At a conference organised by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung several experts and politicians tried to find answers to these questions.

By Naomi Buck more»

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