Dr. Livia Cotta appointed CEO of the Heinrich Böll Foundation

April 10, 2013
As of April 1st Dr. Livia Cotta is the new CEO of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin. The 42 year-old took over for Dr. Birgit Laubach, who after eleven years in the position as CEO will pursue new endeavors, building on her vast legislative and parliamentary experience. In addition to her foci on European politics and international law, Birgit Laubach explains that she would like to “enhance support for the development of democratic structures in fragile transition countries such as Myanmar, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.”

Livia Cotta, a licensed physician, was the medical director of the German Bone Marrow Donor Database (DKMS) where she developed years of experience in managing an internationally active non-profit organization. She took over the CEO position at the Heinrich Böll Foundation because she “would like to bring her management experience to an organization that is engaged in building a better society within and beyond the field of health care and that emphasizes values such as ecology, solidarity and gender democracy. The global scope of the foundation’s work in political education, its intercultural dialogue and collaboration with a diversity of national and international partner organizations – these are some of the fascinating aspects of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Livia Cotta was born in Berlin. After studying medicine she worked as a physician at Charité hospital in Berlin, and then in various editing and event management positions for the Georg Thieme publishing house in Stuttgart. After two years as the head of marketing and communications at a Swiss medical technology company, she began working for the DKMS in Tubingen in 2009. Alongside these positions she received a Master of Business Administration in 2008 from the Technical University of Munich.

A photo and brief summary of Dr. Livia Cotta’s professional experience are available for use free of charge and can be found here.


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