Publication Series on Democracy


Sudan – No Easy Ways Ahead


Publication Series on Democracy 18: As the six-year transitional period defined in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement draws to a close, Sudan is sliding into another crisis. The Heinrich Böll Foundation, which has been working both with civil society partners in Sudan and on Sudan-related issues in the German context for several years, has put together this publication in order to reflect on such scenarios.

Pakistan: Reality, Denial and the Complexity of its State


Publication Series on Democracy 16: This publication is designed to provide a differentiated view of Pakistan’s complex political processes and social challenges to a broad international audience. Authors from a variety of disciplines present their analyses of Pakistan’s deficits and shortcomings, as well as their ideas and visions for a more democratic and peaceful future.

Actors without Society: The role of civil actors in the postcommunist transformation


Publication Series on Democracy 15: Twenty years after the epoch-making change in 1989, which affected the post-Yugoslavian space in a way entirely different from other former “real-socialist” European countries, this study is an effort toward an analytical view on the past two decades of development of civil society in the western Balkans. The study shows: Without civic engagement, there will be no changes.

Import/Export Democracy: 20 Years of Democracy Assistance in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus Region

Publication Series on Democarcy 14: After 1989 in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus, two aspects played and still play a key role in determining whether a political system exhibits merely a democratic façade or a truly democratic constitution: civil society and political culture, on the one hand, and the influence of ethnic conflicts, on the other. This publication illuminates the successes and failures, the instruments and institutions, and the concepts behind two decades of external democracy promotion.

What Can Europe Do in Iraq?


Publication Series on Democracy 11: This publication describes a new start of cooperation between Europe, the United States, and regional partners in the Middle East to tackle the challenges in Iraq and to help bring peace, stability, and sustainable development to the wider region.

Ethnonationalism and State Building


Publication Series on Democracy 9: This publication contains contributions to an international conference held by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in April 2008. In it, policymakers, academics, political educators, and consultants examined how the international community has dealt with the phenomena of ethnonationalism and religious fragmentation in the past fifteen years and the lessons for the future that can be gained from these experiences.

1968 revisited

Publication Series on Democracy 7

Protagonists of 1968 from Brazil, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Serbia, and Belgium share their memories and assess the events. They speak of the individual characteristics of the protest movements in their respective countries, the long-term effects on political and social conditions and the role that the protagonists of 1968 and their ideas play in contemporary politics and public in the year 2008.

International Assistance and Governance in Afghanistan


Publication Series ond Democracy 2: Afghanistan in 2006 faced an acute crisis, which can only be solved by a long-term commitment to improved governance. An assistance framework presents opportunities, but requires further elaboration.



Publication Series on Democracy 1: This publication examines critically the current political and social situation in Afghanistan, as well as the project activities of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in the country.