Shrinking spaces in the Western Balkans


Without civic engagement and participation, democratization cannot succeed. This publication sheds light on the complex mechanisms of shrinking spaces in the Western Balkans, provides analyses, and develops adequate countermeasures.

Democraturas are flourishing in EU's yard

At the panel discussion "Media (un) freedom in South Eastern Europe" on July 9, 2015 journalists from Bulgaria, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia reported on the highly critical situation of the media system in their countries.

By Adelina Marini

Perspectives Southeastern Europe #1: Young Adults


The first issue of Perspectives Southeastern Europe is about young adults in the Balkans. It is about young people with a specific kind of transition to adulthood who want to overcome the tradition of patriarchy and discrimination and who are striving for a more democratic culture.

Nothing New in Bosnia?

Elections, Coalition building and a new chance for the European Integration: What has to change now in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By Saša Gavrić, Tijana Cvjetićanin

Coming out! - LGBT awareness-raising campaigns in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Many police officers in Bosnia-Herzegovina have not been in the situation before to deal with non-heterosexual people. "Coming out!" an EU-funded projects reflects emerging stereotypes and predjudices in trainings to increase the sensitivity for needs and rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender.

By Caroline Ausserer