Ecological market economy


Europe can do better - A Green Growth Agenda

A relationship with, not against, nature should be one of the core principles of ‘green growth’, argues Ralf Fücks. As Europe debates its economic direction, Fücks outlines the ’12 theses’ that should form the basis of a sustainable future for the continent.

By Ralf Fücks

The Wealth of the Commons

The Wealth of the Commons is about history, political change, public policy and cultural transformation on a global scale – but most of all, it’s about commoners taking charge of their lives and their endangered resources. It’s about common people doing uncommon things.

Higher Environmental Taxes as Solution to the Economic and Financial Crisis

The EU countries affected by the crisis find themselves in a dilemma. They have to ensure economic growth and employment while, at the same time, they need to reduce costs and save money through higher taxes. A new survey indicates: environmental taxes are the most effective tool in this context – and simultaneously conserve resources.
By Kai Schlegelmilch

Biomassters Battle to Control the Green Economy

At Rio+20, the concept of the "green economy" focuses on industrial production from biomass as one way to overcome fossil fuel dependency. The push for a bio-based economy comes with a call for market-based mechanisms for the financialization of the Earth’s natural processes, re-branded as ‘ecosystem services’, which also encourage land and water grabs.  By etc Group and Heinrich Boell Foundation

The Green Economy – The New Magic Bullet?

In this essay, the president of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Barbara Unmuessig, critically reflects on the opportunities for and the shortcomings of the concept of a "Green Economy" to influence economic policy making globally, its relationship to the paradigm of sustainable development and the need to rethink our understanding and focus on growth. By Barbara Unmüßig

Protests for Social Justice: A Green New Deal for Israel?

During the ongoing housing protests in Israel, the Green Movement just released the first draft of a Green New Deal. Two chairpersons of the Green Movement link their economic plan with the currrent protests for social justice. By Alon Tal, Racheli Tedhar Kener

Design challenges for the Green Climate Fund

One of the achievements of the UNFCCC negotiations in Cancun was the decision to establish a Green Climate Fund (GCF). This paper highlights design issues of the Fund and describes their implications.  By Neil Bird, Jessica Brown, Liane Schalatek