Third Front Means Power to the People

The bulk of the media and parts of the intelligentsia, after first coming to terms with the Congress Party system, now prefer the two multiparty coalition systems: the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) or the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), even when the UPA is only going in for post-poll alliances with its erstwhile colleagues. The one thing that worries the media is a Third Front. By Kamal Mitra Chenoy

A Front for Prime Ministerial Hopefuls

Despite the hopes of a bi-nodal party system since 1998, a secular alternative, reduced from being the second option in 1977 to the Third Front within a decade, has not ceased to linger in the background. It remains a parking space for satraps in search of greater role in national politics than their regional space would afford them. By Ajay K. Mehra

Gender & Women's Issues in Asia

Through their social and political empowerment women in Asia have actively determined their own lives – notwithstanding traditionally inclined societies that define the general living conditions of women, often at the cost of equal and self-determined opportunities.

Sustainable Development & Natural Resources in Asia

The ecosystems in far reaching regions of Asia are severely endangered. The heedless exploitation of natural resources and the incessant destruction of nature threaten the basic living standards of vast numbers of people.