Violence against women in Turkey: "Looking where others look away"


Up to five women are murdered every day in Turkey. Photographer Emine Akbaba collected evidence videos and took photos of the sites of crime. As for herself, she says that she is no longer sure how to come to terms with everything she has seen.

By Valerie-Siba Rousparast

The Fight for the Public Space: When Personal is Political


Public space is not gender neutral. This publication brings together articles written on the basis of materials from the 5th International Gender Workshop in Tbilisi in March 2016. It shows that the history of feminism is a history not only of fighting, but also one of winning.

The AKP’s Big Comeback - Turkey Turns Back Time

The AKP has gained the absolute majority in Turkey’s recent snap elections, allowing it to continue to rule without a coalition partner. Deep rifts within Turkish society, however, remain. A take on the elections by Kristian Brakel, office director in Istanbul.

By Kristian Brakel

Turkey’s Newest Party: Understanding the HDP

For the last 30 years, the Kurdish movement has given birth to a myriad of organisations. Its newest offspring is the Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP – Halkların Demokratik Partisi) that received more than six million (13.12%) votes (80 seats) in the last election. With new elections looming in November 2015 and new clashes flaring up between the Turkish government and the PKK, the HDP’s future hangs in the balance as well.

The Dynamics of the Queer Movement in Turkey

The Gezi protests have energized the LGBTIQ movement in Turkey, giving it a sustainable boost. The history of the movement, however, began at the start of the last century at the latest.

By Zülfukar Çetin

“Modernity means more than having several luxurious shopping malls”

Turkey is undergoing a period of turmoil. An interview with Kristian Brakel, office director of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Turkey, about the recently announced snap elections, chances for reviving the peace process with the Kurdish PKK, and U.S.-Turkish cooperation in fighting the Islamic State.

By Kristian Brakel

Istanbul Office - Turkey

Our main focus points are the promotion of democratic reform within Turkey, the future of Turkish energy policy, and the development of rural regions.

On the Run in Their Own Country

More than six million Syrian refugees are in search of a different, a safer place in their home country and yet only arrive at places that are currently slightly less ghastly.

By Bente Scheller

Perspectives Turkey 9: Turkey's Democracy between two Elections


This issue features two special dossiers: the democracy dossier analyzes the current situation and strategies of significant political actors towards the Presidential elections. The second one is a gender and macroeconomy dossier, which hopefully would provide an introduction to a gendered reading of macroeconomic issues in Turkey, who will be hosting the G20 summit in 2015.