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Office Bogotá - Colombia

In Colombia, the Heinrich Böll Foundation works on the topics of democracy, ecology and sustainability as well as on global issues.

Rio de Janeiro Office - Brazil

Die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung arbeitet in Brasilien zu den Schwerpunkten sozioökologische Gerechtigkeit, Demokratie, Sicherheit und Menschenrechte sowie Geschlechterdemokratie.

Perspectivas Latin America

Perspectivas Latin America brings important debates and topics from Latin America to Germany. Democracy and environmental aspects, gender and social issues, effects of economic and development models are critically examined from the perspective of Latin American authors.

All issues in Spanish

Latin America

The Foundation's work in Latin America addresses regional challenges such as environmental sustainability, democratic participation and gender equality.

A feminist peace in Colombia?


The inclusion of a gender perspective in the Colombia's peace agreement: past, present, and future.

By Catalina Ruiz-Navarro

Tragic consequences of rising resource extraction in Latin America


The production of raw materials in Latin America leads to blatant human rights violations and conflicts. Without a strong civil society and the responsibility of European consumers, the settlement of resource-related conflicts becomes impossible.

By Dawid Danilo Bartelt

Shrinking Spaces and the G20

When the 19 member countries and the EU gathered in Hamburg for the G20 Summit one important topic was not on the agenda: from China to Mexico, Turkey to Russia, Saudi Arabia to India – the respect for fundamental human rights can no longer be taken for granted.

By Barbara Unmüßig

Community Protocol Tool Box and Project Report

The NGO Natural Justice and its regional partners, with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, have jointly assisted a number of communities to develop community protocols in the context of extractive industries. You can download them and the project report here.

Let’s hear it for fringe sports

Game over. The Rio Olympics gave us many things: sexist reporting, burkinis and bikinis, forced outings. But it was above all a celebration of the fringiest of the fringe – here’s a recap from a queer feminist perspective.

By Azada Hassany, Susanne Diehr

Dossier: Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro

Half a million people are expected to visit Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics and Paralympics in August and September. At first glance this will be a huge benefit for the city. But just as for the World Cup in 2014, the city has become a contested space of political and economic interests.

Jumping hurdles: women in sports spectacle

The participation of 4,675 female athletes in the 2012 Olympics – about 45 per cent of all athletes – was a milestone on the way to gender equality.

By Nelma Gusmão de Oliveira