Ecology & Sustainability

Alternative energy sources conquer the place of coal, oil and gas, in the cities the car loses its prestige, global environmental technologies are booming. Technological innovations and a changed, sustainable lifestyle go hand in hand. The course is set, but we have to hurry to win the race against the ecological crisis.

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Video recordings "Introduction to Hydrogen"

Video recording of the "Introduction to Hydrogen #1 - Production and application climate-friendly hydrogen" on October 13, 2021.

Video recording of the "Introduction to Hydrogen #2 - Political framework for climate-friendly hydrogen" on October 14, 2021.


Mobilitätsatlas 2019 II Cover

Mobility Atlas 2019


The Mobility Atlas includes 19 articles about the most important activities and solutions for a safe, dependable and sustainable mobility - order now or download!

Plastic & health: The hidden costs of a plastic planet

In a joint effort, a group of authors from civil society and academia point out that the impacts that plastic and the chemicals in it have on our bodies need to be assessed in the full lifecylce of this enduring an ubiquitous material. You can read the executive summary of their study here.