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The prospects for peace in Burundi

In Burundi parliamentary and local elections are held today regardless of criticism and unrest. The incumbent President is running for office for the third time, although he therefore violates the Constitution.

By George Omondi

Creating ourselves in our own image

On May 17 is the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. We document a foto-project by the Women's Leadership Centre in Namibia, which aims to strengthen the resilience of young lesbians through the use of creative forms of expression.

Deep inside she bleeds

How do you handle such pain? Zandile, a young woman from Capetown, was raped because she is lesbian. Warning for a graphic depiction of sexual violence.

By Zandile Tose

Homosexuality is not un-African

It is legalized homophobia, not same-sex relations, that is alien to Africa. But in fact, Africa is made up of thousands of ethnic groups with rich and diverse cultures and sexualities.

By Dr. Sylvia Tamale

My first kiss

Two girl friends: every weekend they talking, drinking and laughing together. But one of them is scared. She has these feelings that she couldn't explain. A short story.

By Funeka Soldaat

Letter to Mum and Dad

The live he lives is slowly killing him. His extended familiy thinks he has a mystery girlfriend. But that's not true. He loves men. And confides this in a letter to his parents.

Equality of LGBTIQ persons in Africa

The journey to equality and non-discrimination for LGBTIQ persons in Africa has been a roller coaster in 2014. How did the lifes for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter*persons change in 2014? Where are the struggles? Where is progress?

By Eric Gitari

“I was a prisoner”

Despite South Africa’s Constitution of 1996 being considered one of the most advanced worldwide, the LGBTI community in South Africa faces violence, harassment, intimidation and hate crimes. With numerous projects, the Heinrich Böll Foundation seeks to improve the situation of the LGBTI community in South Africa.

By Caroline Ausserer

The Sanctions Debate in Zimbabwe

As a reaction to the violation of human rights during the elections in 200/2002 many countries sanctioned Zimbabwe and its president Mugabe. However nowadays, it seems that these sanctions are rather aiding Mugabe than harming him.

By Brian Raftopoulos

Perspectives Africa

With this series, we intend to let experts from Africa express their views about current political issues in their region. Perspectives focuses on Southern- , East- and West Africa where the foundation has established offices.

Kenya: „Society makes us invisible“

Being queer is still a stigma in Kenya and leads to social invisibility. With his Book "Invisible" the Kenyan author Kevin Mwachiro challenges the myths about alternative ways of love and living.

By Caroline Ausserer

A Princely Plan in the Pipelines or a Pauper's Pipe Dream?

In the Horn and East African region, there are many conflicts over natural resources at community and even national levels. The bigger part arises from deficient water supply and pasture for livestock.

By Edfas Mkandawire, Euan Hope, Tafadzwa Kuvheya

Constructing Political Spaces: Making Quotas Work

The influence of women in positions of leadership emerged as a priority theme during the three-day peer exchange for 30 women leaders from across East and Horn of Africa hosted by the Heinrich Böll Foundation Nairobi in September. The Foundation has picked up this theme for a Virtual Conference taking place on 28th to 30th October 2013.

By Katrin Seidel