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The Environment in Africa

Gradually, environmental movements are forming in some African countries. The Heinrich Böll Foundation helps network groups that are advocating sustainable development and effective environmental protection.

Conflict Management in Africa

Internationally, Africa is believed to be the continent with the most wars and conflicts. The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s conflict management program concentrates on cooperation with local stakeholders.

The work of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Africa

The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s work in Africa is concentrated in the regions Southern Africa, Eastern Africa/Horn of Africa, and Nigeria. Our main mission is the support of civil society participation in political decision-making processes.

The Next Big Project for the EU is Energy

The global energy system is undergoing a structural crisis. At its heart lies the need to restrain climatic change while at the same time dealing with energy security in an era of rapidly growing demand. By Michaele Schreyer, Ralf Fücks

Xenophobic attacks in South Africa: Not a completely new phenomenon

For more than one week South Africa has been shaken by violent attacks against migrants. According to the police, more than 40 deaths are already recorded. Hundreds of people - among them women and children - were attacked, injured, raped, and their homes were plundered and burned down. By Vincent Williams

Utility Privatisation and the Poor: Nigeria in Focus

Nigeria’s privatisation programme covers several sectors, including banking and finance, manufacturing, and tourism. Given the criticisms leveled at privatisation programmes in other sectors, it appears timely to evaluate the proposals for the privatisation of the utility sector.

Africa in Climate Change

At the UN Climate Change Conference that took place in December 2007 in Bali a new phase of international climate negotiations began. The result: African countries will remain exempt from  emission reductions. Instead they were offered financial help to adapt to the impacts of climate change which pose an especially serious challenge to the countries of the South.

"Boiling Point" - the Impact of Climate Change in South Africa

Leonie Joubert, a renowned journalist and photographer, reports on the impact of climate change in South Africa. Her essay is accompanied by striking photographs of  South Africa’s vulnerable landscapes and of the people depending on them for their livelihoods. By Sakhile Koketso

"Boiling Point" - Climate Change in South Africa

"Boiling Point", a publication of the Heinrich Böll Foundations' Southern Africa Office, explores the lives of ordinary South Africans as climate change sets in. The stories of a rooibos tea farmer, a traditional fisherman, a maize farmer, a political refugee, and a traditional healer show the manifold impacts of a heating world. The book is complemented by a series of spectacular photographs.

Our Work in Africa

The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s work in Africa is concentrated in the regions Southern Africa, Eastern Africa/Horn of Africa, and Nigeria. Our main mission is the support of civil society articipation in political decision-making processes.

Zimbabwe: “Protests Will be an Excuse to Declare a State of Emergency”

A Zimbabwean journalist - one of the few who reports from inside the country and thus prefers to remain anonymous - on the culture of fear and the atmosphere of frustration within the country: "People have reached the stage that if they go to the polling stations, they will not be intimidated into voting for Mugabe. The problem is that Mugabe will instill so much fear in people so that they will be too scared to go the polling stations."

Inside a Zimbabwean Polling Station

On Saturday March 29th, 2008 I realised that whatever inspired Munch’s famous painting “The Scream” it was probably comparable to being locked in a room with Zimbabwean Electoral Commission (ZEC) officials trying to count to 410. By Shari Eppel

Zimbabwe at the Crossroads

The atmosphere in Zimbabwe is characterised by anxiety and anger. Since midnight March 29th, 2008 Zimbabweans have been eager to hear the official pronouncement of results by the body running the elections – but to no avail. By Jubilee Masango

The "Toad" and the "Puppet": The Makoni Moment and Opposition Politics in Zimbabwe

It is a symptom of the diminished expectations and shrinking horizons in Zimbabwean politics that Simba Makoni's entry into the 2008 presidential race has created such a stir in the country's body politic. With the country sinking further into the mire of an extended political and economic debacle, the prospect of yet another disastrous Mugabe electoral 'victory' appeared a desultory inevitability. By Brian Raftopoulos