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Perspectives Africa 2/12: Do Parliaments Matter?

The articles in this issue of Perspectives seek to reflect on the extent to which African legislatures have taken steps that mark their shift from being the “weakest link” of government to stronger, independent institutions. In essence, we ask – do African Parliaments really occupy the privileged position accorded to them in representational democracies?

Sudan after Separation - New Approaches to a New Region

Publication Series on Democracy 28: In 2011 Sudan split into two. For much of the time, both sides have been embroiled in conflict. The Heinrich Böll Foundation has brought together a group of authors to reflect on the challenges of the post-separation era. Their contributions lay out new approaches to a new region, providing guidance to understand the complex political realities of the two Sudans, and pointing out areas where constructive international engagement is possible.

Four Years after the World Food Price Crisis: The Governance of World Food Security

The 2007–2008 world food price crisis caused political and economical instability and social unrest in both poor and developed nations. This was only the latest example for a functioning food system being an indispensable pillar of a stable economy and a society capable of reproducing itself. A new study outlines steps how the intergovernmental Committee on World Food Security could be expanded towards a politically relevant international steering committee.

Struggle for equality: Sexual orientation, gender identity and human rights in Africa


This issue of Perspectives light on the ongoing struggle of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people for equality in Africa. The articles demonstrate that despite the myriad of challenges and hostile environment there is a growing movement towards changing Africa into a continent where LGBTI people enjoy the full range of human rights.

Sudan – No Easy Ways Ahead


Publication Series on Democracy 18: As the six-year transitional period defined in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement draws to a close, Sudan is sliding into another crisis. The Heinrich Böll Foundation, which has been working both with civil society partners in Sudan and on Sudan-related issues in the German context for several years, has put together this publication in order to reflect on such scenarios.

On the road to Copenhagen

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen between 7 and 18 December will be extremely critical in determining the global actions to curb climate change in the future. This issue of Perspectives covers some of the key issues and implications of the negotiations as they are viewed from (Southern) Africa.