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Does foreign policy matter in the elections?

Indias sixteenth general election is underway this April and May. Much of the contestation will be about the state of the country's economy, the quality of governance, the future of secularism and inevitably about the quality of leadership. However, will the voters reflect at all on foreign policy when they go to the ballots?

By Sumit Ganguly

Elections and Foreign Policy in India

Despite economic liberalization since 1991, the promotion of exports and increasing foreign direct investment, India is still not a heavy weight in the global economy. However, foreign policy issues have increasingly triggered domestic controversies and government crises in recent years.

By Christian Wagner

Dossier: Afghanistan’s Transition in the Making? People, Perceptions and the Politics of 2014

2014 is viewed as one of the most important years since the Afghan transition process began, over a decade ago. Western troops are being drawn down and more importantly, the first presidential and provincial elections autonomously organised within the country, will present a further important step within the political transition process. This dossier provides analyses, profiles, interviews, as well as studies that will shed light on the events of what is an important year for Afghanistan.

Ukraine: What the EU can do

Most important now is that the international community responds speedily and clearly to what amounts to a Russian occupation of the Crimea and the additional threat of Russian troops being stationed in Ukraine. Europe is in no way powerless in the face of Russian actions, as Ralf Fücks and Walter Kaufmann illustrate in a ten-point plan.

By Ralf Fücks

Afghanistan: Progress - Success - Failure

Afghanistan is on its way to becoming a forgotten and irritating issue. Nevertheless, we should think again about how it all began and to what extent the expectations in the military intervention of 2001 have been fulfilled.

By Michael Daxner

Of Redlines, Blue Jeans, and Yellow Cakes: Iran and Israel, the Way Forward

The official relationship between Israel and Iran is tainted. But nonetheless both states have shared characteristics and common goals. This article analyzies which steps could be realistically undertaken to make things better for both sides and strengthen the bilateral relationship – unilaterally.

By Aviv Melamud, Ariane Tabatabai

The Rehabilitation of Assad

Above all, the West wants stability in Syria. Because he has managed to sit out everything that has happened in recent years, the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad seems to offer this very stability. But accepting the kind of stability Assad offers would mean having to forget the atrocities committed by his regime.

By Bente Scheller

The Future Of Arms Control

Dossier: The Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin held an international expert conference on the “Future of Arms Control”, jointly organized with the German Institute for International and Security Affairs and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Studies (IFSH) at the University of Hamburg. We are now pleased to publish the conference proceedings.