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Dossier: Europe's future after Brexit

For the first time in the EU's history, a member state has voted to leave the European Union. In our dossier, we explore the international reactions: How are the EU member states as well as the US, Russia and Asian governments responding to the Brexit decision? What will be the implications for other EU member states and the future of the European Union?

The Influence of Neo-Liberal Policy on Labor Rights in Georgia

Since 2004, there has been a wave of aggressive privatization in Georgia. Until today the state is allowing for a situation, whereby uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources leads to people becoming dependent on monopolist enterprises. An overview in occasion of the International Workers’ Day.

By Anano Tsintsabadze

The Political Economy of the ASEAN Regionalisation Process

The tension between the imperatives of “market sovereignty” and the entrenched principle of “state sovereignty” of authoritarian oligarchies will define the open-ended tendencies and outcomes of the ongoing regionalisation process in Southeast Asia.

By Bonn Juego

A social catastrophe in the making: Social policy in Hungary since 2010

It is not only constitutional democracy that Viktor Orbán’s regime treats as its enemy; the Hungarian government has also launched a forceful attack on the welfare state. A concise overview of the latest reforms - and an assess of their consequences for poverty and social inequality.

By Bálint Misetics

Ayotzinapa: "The families ask for a search for their children"

There is still no trace of the students of Escuela Normal Rural of Ayotzinapa who disappeared towards the end of September. We spoke with María Luisa Aguila from the Tlachinollan Centre about the situation, the role of the Mexican government and the responsibility of the European Union in the Ayotzinapa case.

By Ines Thomssen

Dossier: World cup for whom? World cup for what?

Brazil will host the most expensive World Cup of all time. Around 85 percent of the expenses will be funded with public money. For the first time in history, a multitude of questions are being raised about the real meaning of an international mega-event for the host population. This web dossier was designed to add relevant data regarding the guarantee of people's rights and as offer for critical perspectives about the realities on the ground.

Football and Democracy

The Brazilian Congress and the authorities approved numerous exceptions to important democratic rules in the last five years to favor private interests. It is good that the Brazilian people defend themselves against it. Even if it is to protect football.

By Barbara Unmüßig

India: Is the giant winning the battle against poverty?

How successful is India in its struggle against poverty? India's national Planning Commission recently claimed that within 7 years, the number of poor in India has declined by 22 per cent. These numbers are being challenged by many experts, according whom India's economic growth has left behind many more people.

By Caroline Bertram

From shelters to prisons? How homelessness became illegal in Hungary

An amendment has made it illegal to sleep rough in world cultural heritage areas, which cover Budapest’s entire city-centre. Now there is a long list of additional areas in Budapest where homeless people can be subjected to forceful removal and penalties. How did we get here?

By Bálint Misetics

A Vision for a Social Citizen's Europe: The European Commonfare

The current crisis is not a crisis of confidence, nor is it purely financial in character. The current crisis is, above all, a device for domination, spoliation, and precarisation. What we witness today is the depredation and expropriation of common goods, of wealth, and of rights. What we need is a common social, fiscal, and budgetary policy. By Aitor Tinoco i Girona

Protests for Social Justice: A Green New Deal for Israel?

During the ongoing housing protests in Israel, the Green Movement just released the first draft of a Green New Deal. Two chairpersons of the Green Movement link their economic plan with the currrent protests for social justice. By Alon Tal, Racheli Tedhar Kener

"Helping the poor at any cost"

Muhammad Idrees Kamal, the Executive Director of Citizen Rights and Sustainable Development Peshawar, about his organization, its issues, and how the advocacy organization did charity collection and relief operations after the flood in Pakistan. By Sobia Nazir