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"The situation in big cities is really urgent"

Ana Di Pangracio is Deputy Director at Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales FARN. She was one of the participants of the Future Workshop Chile/Argentina/Brasil where this interview was conducted.

By Ana Di Pangracio

Diagnoses and Challenges from the Perspective of "Cono Sur" Countries

A major obstacle in conflict-ridden countries is related to the centrality of the markets. During the Future Workshop in Cono Sur participants discussed the linked socio-environmental conflicts.

By Malik Fercovic, Recaredo Alberto Gálvez Carrasco, María Cecilia Reeves, Betzabet Morero, Ana Di Pangracio

All Quiet on the Western Front?

The claims and arguments in this essay have been inspired by exciting discussions during the “Future Workshop on Resource Equity" organized in Hasankeyf (Turkey) in Fall 2012.

By Durukan Dudu

A Princely Plan in the Pipelines or a Pauper's Pipe Dream?

In the Horn and East African region, there are many conflicts over natural resources at community and even national levels. The bigger part arises from deficient water supply and pasture for livestock.

By Edfas Mkandawire, Euan Hope, Tafadzwa Kuvheya

Sustainability - The One Way forward?

Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the individual? Some of the most heated arguments during the Future Workshop in Prague originated from this conflict.

By Nora Feldmar, Sven Janovski, Johanna Sydow, Dominika Gmerek

The Future Workshop in Hasankeyf

The Future workshop in Hasankeyf, Turkey, with participants from Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt focused on solutions that could improve the current environmental situation in the Middle East.

By Michelle Matta

Essay on Natural Resource Conflicts and Governance

In the Future Workshop: "Resource Governance in 21st Century" participants from India and Afghanistan discussed possible solutions to key natural resource management problems.

By Divya Gupta, Pinaki Dasgupta

Reflection on the Future Workshop in Bangkok

The production and distribution of natural resources are complex and multi-level. The participants of the Bangkok Future Workshop therefore discussed difficulties and solutions for the commons.

By Naw Ei Ei Min, Chol Bunnag

Mining in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is abundantly rich in natural resources. Although the country is facing a lot of problems, mining could have the potential to be a driver of poverty reduction and economic growth.

By Saeeda Gouhari