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"It’s about a battle of ideas in which we have to constantly engage our opponents"

In the beginning of April, the Hungarian President János Áder signed into force certain amendments to the Higher Education Act which in their particular formulation are obviously directed against the renowned Central European University (CEU), based in Budapest. We discussed with President Michael Ignatieff the implications of the new legislation on the university and its future prospects.
By Peter Brod

Orbán vs. the World: The Background Context of the Lex CEU

The attack on CEU is one in a series of attempts to eliminate the so-called enemies of illiberal democracy. The government has manufactured a fear-inducing narrative by inventing an imaginary enemy threatening the people of Hungary.

By Gabi Gőbl

The Clash of Realities Behind the CEU Affair

Thousands of people are protesting against the close down of the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. It is a political battle about “foreign influences” and pro or anti EU, US or Russia sentiments.

By Kata Szabó

Dossier: The Berlin Anthology

Poems, short prose and essays on the fate of refugees and asylum-seekers - as published in our "Berlin Anthology - From where I shan't return".

Common Spaces ABC

Art and its public spaces in Amman, Berlin, Casablanca: How did the reception of public spaces change since the Arabic Spring? Which artistic strategies can realize new forms of participication?

The 12th Hungarian Contemporary Drama Festival

How do you organise a drama festival with international guests on a 6,000 € state subsidy? Well, you need a lot of enthusiastic volunteers, as well as visitors, who are completely committed to the cause.

By Anna Frenyó

Theatre financing and the independent theatre scene

According to its mission statement, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest is a receptive venue unique to Hungary, where various genres are presented in an individual and authentic manner. An Interview with Managing Director György Szabó.

By Anna Frenyó

Topic: Education & Culture

In the fields of science and education, the activities of the Heinrich Böll Foundation reflect the change of modern societies towards what has been labelled "Knowledge Society." Knowledge – especially scientific knowledge – has increasingly become a crucial resource and education the precondition for participation in the public sphere. This participation in turn includes the ability to take part in social deliberations about the direction and the limits of scientific and technological progress.

Rabia’s Free Kick - Women's soccer in Lebanon

Women's soccer is slowly gaining ground in parts the Lebanese society. The sport is not only empowering young women, but also helps building bridges between the different religions and sects in the country. But it's still a long way to go until it will be recognized by the media and be accepted by society as a whole. By Florian Sonntag

Evaluation criteria – How to measure art and culture projects

This workshop has provided an opportunity to discuss already existing evaluation practices and specific approaches to the art and culture sector based on research and practitioners’ experiences, thus contributing to a more critical engagement between project managers, artists, and donors. By Susanne Bosch