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The return of religious politics


Religion is back on the political agenda, with various religious issues the subject of intensive political debate. An interview with Ellen Ueberschär, president of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

By Dr. Ellen Ueberschär

Too queer to believe?

Where are the interfaces between religion, faith, and LGBTIQ rights? This question was discussed at the conference “Too queer to believe – Religion, social activism and LGBTI rights” which the Heinrich Böll Foundation held in Berlin in conjunction with the Turkish NGO Kaos GL at October 5th, 2016.

By Caroline Ausserer

Cartoons & Minarets: Reflections on Muslim-Western Encounters

With the attacks on the French magazine "Charlie Hebdo", a new debate on free speech started, aksing i.e. where does freedom of expression end and where do xenophobia and defamation begin? Does Islam allow for critical self-reflection? In 2011 we organized a conference in Beirut, adressing those question. A documentation.

India: Freedom of Expression in the Media

Free media are essential for India, the world's largest democracy. But religious intolerance, political influence and corporate control over the media constitute a common set of factors which harm freedom of expression.

By Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

The BJP has to give up its obsession with Muslims

India's new ruling party has earned itself the reputation of inciting communal tension, and its leader has been accused of turning a blind eye to anti-Muslim violence. Marian Brehmer spoke to India's leading political scientist, Rajeev Bhargava, about Narendra Modi's electoral victory, Hindu–Muslim relations and secularism.

By Marian Brehmer

The battle for a secular India

India will be witnessing a revival of communalism in the 2014 general elections, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP, the Hindu nationalists party) making a decided pitch for power with their prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. The so called Hindutva agenda seeking to establish a theocratic state is being given a decisive push with the BJP hoping to divide the electorate along religious lines, and thereby consolidating the majority Hindu vote in its favour.

By Seema Mustafa

The Whole Jewish History in One Hour

The aspect of learning is central to the Jewish culture. David Solomon, scholar, publicist, translator and kabbalist, gives an insight into Jewish history. Internationally known for his innovative, inspiring and dynamic way of teaching, he presents within just one hour the whole history of the Jewish people - from its origins until today and beyond.

Basma El Husseiny: "Art and Social Transformation"

Arts manager and a cultural activist Basma El Husseiny points out that art is one of the most essential assets during social change. Being creative enables people to feel and think beyond their immediate reality and outside their usual capacity.

Christian minority in Syria: Is it Winter or Spring?

Following the popular uprisings, there has been much amount of debate on the future of minority Christians sects in the region. Is the new Arab world hostile to Christians? Is it wise for them to fear the downfall of the Assad regime? By Doreen Khoury