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The Potato Park of Peru

Up to 4.000 potato varieties are growing in Peru in a high-altitude Sacred Valley of the Incas. Six Quechua communities have been able to maintain the integrity of their biocultural traditions and fragile ecosystem.

By David Bollier

Dossier: Patterns of Commoning

The book Patterns of Commoning is a special series of essays which explores the inner dynamics of commoning - its ethics, social practices and worldview. In our dossier you can find a selection of nine texts to stimulate your appetite for more.

Farm Hack: A Commons for Agricultural Innovation

In 2011, a community of farmers, designers, developers, engineers, architects, roboticists and open source thinkers came together in Boston, Massachusetts, to explore a simple yet radical idea – that great improvements in agriculture could be achieved by reducing barriers to knowledge exchange.

By Dorn Cox

Venezuela: "We Are One Big Conversation"

Cecosesola is a network of about sixty cooperatives and grassroots organizations in Venezuela, with about 20,000 members. The cooperatives sell at weekly markets and provide community-backed loans, among many other services.

By Silke Helfrich

India: Women Protect Common Forest Rights in Rajasthan

Nichlagarh, an adivasi village in the forest region of Southern Rajasthan, is caught between the bureaucratic regime of the Forestry Department (FD) of India and progressive legislation that claims to restore the traditional rights of commoners.

By Soma KP, Richa Audichya

Lecture and Discussion: 800 Years of Commons

David Bollier and Michel Bauwens of the Commons Strategies Group/P2P Foundation discussed the role of the commons and peer to peer production in meeting people’s needs and the many enclosures of the commons that are abridging their fundamental rights.

Lecture: Ocean of Life

Oceans have always played a key role for life on earth. In his lecture, marine conservation biologist and author Callum Roberts (University of York, England), describes the distressing dimension that the relatively short human rule of the seas has reached throughout the past decade.

By Kristin Funke

Commons based peer production: an introduction

Is our economy essentially wrong? It beliefs in abundant material resources and meanwhile infinite immaterial resources like knowledge and design are maintained artifically scarce, but there is an alternative.

By Michel Bauwens

Turning things right-side up again

Even if the commons economies cannot provide an answer to each and every question today, one thing is certain: they are emerging in practice in diverse forms all over the world. And: their growth is unstoppable!

By Dr. Heike Löschmann

Economics and the Common(s)

The prevailing dogma of market-fundamentalism has increasingly been called into question as the predatory dynamics of the market economy became clear and as its threats to the biosphere have become more acute. Our conference has opened up new vistas in politics, economics and culture by exploring the commons as an alternative worldview and provisioning system.

David Bollier - The Commons as a New/Old Paradigm of Governance, Policy, and Political Action

While at the American Academy as a Bosch Public Policy fellow in fall 2012, David A. Bollier produced a strategy memorandum as a foundation for further action in the commons world. His December 4 lecture spoke to the continuing appeal of the Commons, which stems both from a critique of neoliberal economics and policy, as well as from its practical systems for managing value.