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Trade Agreements and the Supply of Public Goods


This is the report of a Berlin workshop that was designed to serve as a space for experts with backgrounds in international trade, law, the environment and public health to  review the draft  of a WTO Agreement for the Supply of Global Public Goods as proposed by KEI and provide technical and strategic advice on how to move forward.

State Power and Commoning - Transcending a Problematic Relationship


The report summarizes the outcome of a workshop of the Commons Strategies Group in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation with a diverse group of twenty commons-oriented activists, academics, policy experts and project leaders for three days in Lehnin, Germany, outside of Berlin, from February 28 to March 1, 2016.

Patterns of Commoning

More than sixty frontline activists, academics and project leaders from twenty countries explain how commoning is empowering people to challenge the deep pathologies of contemporary capitalism and invent powerful, participatory alternatives. A special series of essays explores the inner dynamics of commoning - its ethics, social practices and worldview - to explain why the building of new worlds starts from within.

Reinventing Law for the Commons


This Strategy Memorandum is a first attempt to survey the more significant realms of commons-based legal innovation occurring today.  Besides providing a rough inventory of more than sixty projects and theaters of legal innovation, David Bollier proposes that these disparate initiatives be conceptualized as a new strategic framing, “Law for the Commons.”

A New Alignment of Movements?


This report reflects intensive forms of exploratory dialogue and cooperation among social movements. The movements are especially dedicated to cooperatives, a Degrowth economy, Social and Solidarity Economy, peer production, Transition Towns, ecological/sustainability, and the commons.

Toward an Open Co-Operativism


To explore the possibilities of an Open Co-operativism, the Commons Strategies Group convened a workshop of a dozen notable activists, policy experts, academics and project leaders. This report summarizes the main results of the workshop.

Economics and the Common(s): Conference Report


This report summarizes the general content of each keynote presentation and conference stream of the conference "Economics and the Common(s): From Seed Form to Core Paradigm", with verbatim excerpts of the more interesting aspects of the proceedings.

The Wealth of the Commons

The Wealth of the Commons is about history, political change, public policy and cultural transformation on a global scale – but most of all, it’s about commoners taking charge of their lives and their endangered resources. It’s about common people doing uncommon things.

The Commons - Prosperity by Sharing

This report attempts to explore the potential of the commons if they are used wisely and sustainably. It delves into the reasons why so many commons are threatened and examines the rules that can help protect the commons from ruin. This article provides also a french version of the report.

Capitalism 3.0 - A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons


Our current version of capitalism - the corporate, globalised version 2.0 - is rapidly squandering our shared inheritances. Peter Barnes offers a solution: Protect the commons by giving it property rights and strong institutional managers.