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Powering Africa through Feed-In Tariffs


Africa is facing a severe energy crisis and fails to meet the increasing demand for electricity. Renewable Energy Feed-in Tarifs (REFiTs) is one tool that has been successful in increasing the use of renewable technologies worldwide. This comprehensive study comissioned by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung and the World Future Council shows that REFiTs can unlock renewable energy development in Africa.

Rabia’s Free Kick - Women's soccer in Lebanon

Women's soccer is slowly gaining ground in parts the Lebanese society. The sport is not only empowering young women, but also helps building bridges between the different religions and sects in the country. But it's still a long way to go until it will be recognized by the media and be accepted by society as a whole. By Florian Sonntag

Germany's role in the crisis

Germany appears to have come into its leadership role in the crisis involuntarily. Nevertheless, it is time that Germany also acknowledges that the crisis can only be overcome together with solidarity and stability and a sustainable future foundation for the European Union.  By Viola von Cramon

The Political Crisis: A Better Europe Starts at Home

As market reforms and budget consolidation meet increasing political constraints, it is perhaps not surprising that the call for “more Europe” has become louder. While such eagerness for the European project should be welcomed, in fact it is not genuine but rather motivated by the short-term interests of political classes.  By Rainer Emschermann

Integrating Informal Cities: Prime Challenge for Megacities of the South

Eine Milliarde Menschen lebt weltweit in sog. "informellen Städten". Wenn man über die Zukunft der Städte nachdenkt, muss man sich den damit verbundenen Problemen der Prekarität, der Ungleichheit und der schlechten Lebensbedingungen stellen. Der Stadtentwicklungsplan von Sao Paulo ist ein Beispiel, wie man die Favelas in die "formelle Stadt" integrieren kann. (engl.) By Elisabete França and Fabienne Hoelzel

The Commons - Prosperity by Sharing

This report attempts to explore the potential of the commons if they are used wisely and sustainably. It delves into the reasons why so many commons are threatened and examines the rules that can help protect the commons from ruin. This article provides also a french version of the report.