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Care Crisis: Racialised Women at the Crossroads of Migration, Labour Market and Family Policies


Besides job creations and responding to care needs, a central argument justifying the development of in-home care has been that of gender equality. In her paper, Emilia Roig argues that the stated policy objective of “freeing” the productive potential of the more highly-skilled women - as announced by the European Commission – widens the gender pay gap, instead of fostering gender equality in the workplace.

Perspectives Turkey 8: Capital and Capitalists in Turkey


This issue opens with an article by Yunus Sözen that evaluates the local elections which were held on 30 March. Our special dossier is on capital and capitalists in Turkey. We analyze the varieties of business groups from Gülen community to capitalists of the Kurdish region. Democracy section features an article on recent internet censorship efforts by the government.

The great revenge of the North? TTIP and the rest of the world

The plans for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) caused a controverse debate about food standards and legal privileges to international investors between the U.S. and Europe. However, TTIP's impact on the rest of the world is immense. An analysis by Rainer Falk and Barbara Unmüßig.

By Rainer Falk, Barbara Unmüßig

India: Is the giant winning the battle against poverty?

How successful is India in its struggle against poverty? India's national Planning Commission recently claimed that within 7 years, the number of poor in India has declined by 22 per cent. These numbers are being challenged by many experts, according whom India's economic growth has left behind many more people.

By Caroline Bertram

Afghanistan's wasted potential

The country’s natural resources, especially its abundance of water, could bring great benefits to the Afghans – but only if the right conditions can be achieved. A summary of "Afghanistan's Transition in the Making?"

By Stefan Schaaf

The Putin-Orbán nuclear deal: a short assessment

Hungary receives massive aids from Russia in constructing new power plants. It is not only generosity, but mere a fiendishly clever economic strategy. Still legal and political risks have been neglected.

By András Deák

Meat Atlas

The publication sheds light on the impacts of meat and dairy production, and aims to catalyse the debate over the need for better, safer and more sustainable food and farming.


From shelters to prisons? How homelessness became illegal in Hungary

An amendment has made it illegal to sleep rough in world cultural heritage areas, which cover Budapest’s entire city-centre. Now there is a long list of additional areas in Budapest where homeless people can be subjected to forceful removal and penalties. How did we get here?

By Bálint Misetics