"One Cube" Three, yet one!

"One Cube" Three, yet one! - is a documentary film by Pramod Dev. Depicting three women who work in export-oriented sectors of India's economy, the film shows how the demands of trade impact upon the personal, familial, social, economic and cultural aspects of the lives of the protagonists.

Dossier: Europe's future after Brexit

For the first time in the EU's history, a member state has voted to leave the European Union. In our dossier, we explore the international reactions: How are the EU member states as well as the US, Russia and Asian governments responding to the Brexit decision? What will be the implications for other EU member states and the future of the European Union?

Brides for India’s North

Declining sex ratios due to decades of discrimination against women in certain parts of India have left many men unmarried. An interview about cross-regional marriage migration with Ravinder Kaur.

By Caroline Bertram

Just a tiny contribution

Wei Chen dropped out of school and embarked to work at a construction site in Inner Mongolia. He stayed there for eight years: It was like living in a black-and-white film, he says – no colors, only desert.

Employment Policy

In the same way that, in recent years, jobs have become a scarce resource, their significance for social cohesion and for the reorganisation of the welfare state has grown. Everybody agrees that more jobs are needed, but there is little accord on how to achieve this. With conferences and publications the Heinrich Böll Foundation is trying to explore different job market reforms – including approaches that go beyond gainful employment.


Sep 12
Feminist Voices in Shrinking Global Spaces
Sep 13
Debate ahead of the International Democracy Day
Sep 27
Berlin in the 20th Century
Oct 05
Gas Sector Transformation in the Light of Geopolitical Uncertainty
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