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Utopian Realism

"A new model of sustainability is needed, driven by ingenuity and the capacity of our technologies to extract more from less" says Anthony Giddens in his foreword to "Green Growth, Smart Growth".

By Anthony Giddens

Another attempt to save the planet?

Green technologies in themselves will not bring about the change we need. Growth at any price must no longer be the paramount goal. Agriculture is one of the sectors in which reform is most urgent – and, at the same time, most difficult.  

By Barbara Unmüßig

Ecological market economy

Europe can do better - A Green Growth Agenda

A relationship with, not against, nature should be one of the core principles of ‘green growth’, argues Ralf Fücks. As Europe debates its economic direction, Fücks outlines the ’12 theses’ that should form the basis of a sustainable future for the continent.

By Ralf Fücks

Higher Environmental Taxes as Solution to the Economic and Financial Crisis

The EU countries affected by the crisis find themselves in a dilemma. They have to ensure economic growth and employment while, at the same time, they need to reduce costs and save money through higher taxes. A new survey indicates: environmental taxes are the most effective tool in this context – and simultaneously conserve resources.
By Kai Schlegelmilch


Aloft - An Inflight Review

Air traffic must become climate neutral and more environmentally friendly. With the publication Aloft – An Inflight Review the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Airbus Group want to provide important insights into the current state of technological developments and the political debate surrounding the sustainable future of flying.

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A Green Transformation

The financial crisis, climate change, scarce resources, poverty, and social injustice all point to the same conclusion: Fundamental change is inevitable. Part of this will have to be a green economy – one that is very different from what we have. How to achieve this can only be answered through open debate. There are a number of different ideas and approaches around – such as a Green New Deal, a commons-based economy, and even an economy without growth.


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A team of international energy experts write on how the Germ an energy transition continues and how it relates to other countries.

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