From Money to Metals

Despite the current financial "crisis" investors are pouring money into mining companies and projects, with potentially negative consequences for thousands of communities around the world. Launched in 2008, and now available as a regularly-updated data base, "From Money to Metals" is a vital resource to discover who is funding what, and where, in one of the most potentially destructive of all global industries. By Nostromo Research, 2009. more»

Limits to Growth in China, too

The financial crisis has exposed structural problems in the Chinese economy: Its export trade is suffering from the slump in global demand. Bejing has underwritten investments, social programs, and subsidies to stimulate domestic demand, with little regard to the long-term environmental consequences. By Barbara Unmüßig

“Reform the IMF and World Bank!”

Understandably, the G-20 in London will mainly focus on stabilising the global financial markets. But they must also not pass up the opportunity to steer the IMF and the World Bank on a green course to ensuring that public funds help overcome multiple crises and assist the poor and poorest populations.

Fairness in Global Climate Change Finance

Financing for adaptation, mitigation and low-carbon sustainable development is a key building block for a new UN global climate agreement. The study "Fairness in Global Climate Finance" gives an overview of recent cost assessments and proposals for funding sources and mechanisms. By Andrew Pendleton and Simon Retallack

Can China Save Cambodia from the Global Economic Crisis?

China has emerged as Cambodia’s leading investor and donor and an increasingly important trading partner. Will the close relationship with China help Cambodia weather the global financial crisis? Or can we expect the economic slowdown in China to spill over into the Cambodian economy?

Climate Justice for Africa !

Africa speaks up on Climate Change is an appeal about the threat climate change poses to Africa. Immediate political action is needed. The film Hotspot Africa shows how severe the problems really are.

Water Policies in Turkey

The 5th World Water Forum took place in Istanbul from 16-22 March, 2009. The legitimacy of the World Water Forum is being seriously questioned by a number of non-governmental organisations. This dossier takes up the question of water and justice.

On the Road to London and Beyond - The Year 2009 as Window of Opportunity

It is not even spring yet but 2009 is already being termed a recession year. The global financial crisis hit the real economy everywhere and stimulus packages are frantically being thrown together. The pressure for change is rising on the “construction sites” of globalisation. By Rainer Falk, Barbara Unmüßig

Make a Virtue of Necessity

What we need is the allotment of finance to the overdue restructuring of economy and society. We must use the crisis for making our educational system fairer and more efficient and for creating the foundations for a green industrial revolution. By Ralf Fücks