Dossier: Syria four years into the revolution

Four years ago, the revolution against Bashar al-Assad's regime began. In March 2011, peaceful protests in Syria were suppressed violently by the regime. Ever since, the conflict between the regime and the rebels has escalated, becoming increasingly militarized. According to estimates, more than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict, while millions of Syrians have become refugees.  No credible approach for a peaceful solution is in sight. After two years of revolution, what is the perspective of people on the ground? What impact is the conflict having on Syria’s neighbors (especially Lebanon, but also Israel)? Who, in Europe and elsewhere, shows solidarity with the people involved in the Syrian revolution, and who doesn’t? Our dossier aims to present analytical articles and interviews that shed light, from different perspectives, on what is happening inside Syria. In addition, by including videos produced by our project partners in Lebanon, it provides access to the perspective of Syrian activists who, through art, express their hopes for a better future.


Transitional Justice العدالة الإنتقالية

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