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Government Office of the Slovak Republic

Slovakia is about to change its constitution that limits diversity of family forms strictly. However, the results of the presidential election bring glimmers of hope to sexual minorities in Slovakia.

Hungarian Parliament

It might be the first time for Hungarian voters to re-elect a conservative government and Viktor Orbán is confident of winning the elections with a two-third parliamentary majority. Bulcsú Hunyadi gives a detailled overview on Hungaries political landscape and depicts that there is no competition among equals.

women of maidan

International Women's Day is celebrated in Ukraine to honour 'women's beauty'. Women of Maidan are now aiming to remind of the original meaning of the day and to draw attention to women’s issues in the country. Thus they organized a solidarity action “Women of Maidan – to Women of Crimea”.


What political actions are necessary to protect citizens from mass surveillance and what tools exist for people to secure their communications, movements and lives? This and other topics where discussed at our international activistm conference. Here you find the videos of the event.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is compiling a dossier containing articles and interviews on the situation in Hungary since the right-wing government came to power in April 2010. Our intention is to raise awareness about the changes in the domain of public life in Hungary.

2012 was a special year in terms of publicity of LGBTI community and LGBTI movement in all three South Caucasian countries. Several important steps have been made towards raising acute issues about sexual identity, differences/diversity and social constructs. Our dossier reports about the situation in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.
Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union after a decade of negotiations. The hope that it will now go up with the economy, slightly and widespread corruption in the country far. The dossier provides a collection of articles about the likely changes in ten key areas of social life.
Germany, as seen from the perspective of its neighbour Poland, is primarily the engine of the European integration. But at the same time, the German debate on European politics is viewed by the Poles both with some mistrust and the concern that the upcoming euroscepticism and populism signifies the end of Europe’s future. 


enthusiastic consumers non committed democrats

Political socialization has been an absolute failure in the new Hungarian democracy. Facts and figures from "Political Capital - Policy Research & Consulting Institute" in co-operation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

cover political orientations

Nearly 25 years have passed since the collapse of communism in Hungary. Has this period allowed for the emergence of a new generation of democrats? Empirical findings from Andrea Szabó.


Germany’s energy transition, or Energiewende, has been a success story. But one lesson to be drawn is that energy policy decisions taken in one EU member state affect other EU member states as well. For these reasons, the Heinrich Böll Foundation initiated a project entitled “The German Energy Transition in the European Context”.

Over the past few years there has been an evolving discourse over the intersection of immigration, integration, and culture in both Europe and the United States. In this new report, Spencer Boyer and Victoria Pardini offer several ideas the United States and Germany can learn from each other’s political and policy approaches 
The research paper “Borderline” examines two new EU border surveillance initiatives, that would increase surveillance of the EU’s sea and land borders and extend biometric ID checks to all non-EU nationals. The authors of the report are not only in doubt of the social need for the new systems, but also criticise the decision-making process in order to implement the new programmes.

More Articles

Boat made of paper

The plans for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) caused a controverse debate about food standards and legal privileges to international investors between the U.S. and Europe. However, TTIP's impact on the rest of the world is immense. An analysis by Rainer Falk and Barbara Unmüßig.

Maidan in Kiev

Most important now is that the international community responds speedily and clearly to what amounts to a Russian occupation of the Crimea and the additional threat of Russian troops being stationed in Ukraine. Europe is in no way powerless in the face of Russian actions, as Ralf Fücks and Walter Kaufmann illustrate in a ten-point plan.

Prague Castle from Petřín Hill

On 29 January, Bohuslav Sobotka’s government was appointed by President Miloš Zeman. In contrast to Austria and Germany, the Czech president exercised much greater influence on the formation of the government, and process was clouded by an institutional controversy over the role of the head of state.

LMP / Greens demo 17th April 2011

The next Hungarian parliament could include two green formations: Dialogue for Hungary (PM), which will surely have some members in parliament, and Politics Can Be Different (LMP). If LMP surpasses the election threshold an independent parliamentary group is guaranteed.

russian nuclear power plant under construction

Hungary receives massive aids from Russia in constructing new power plants. It is not only generosity, but mere a fiendishly clever economic strategy. Still legal and political risks have been neglected.