Towards Greater Accessibility

Diversity is part and parcel of our organisational culture. Our aim is to transform the Heinrich Böll Foundation into a space that is welcoming to people with disabilities. To achieve this, we still have a long way to go, yet change is underway. The following is meant to provide information about the accessibility of our building, our events, about accessible modes of transportation, as well as regarding our website.


The Heinrich Böll Foundation is easily accessible via public transport.

  1. Bus 147. The stop at Deutsches Theater is 150 m from the Foundation.
  2. S-Bahn S1, 2, 25, 5, 7, 75, 9 Friedrichstraße station
    a) The exit Friedrichstraße can be reached by elevator and is 750 m from the Foundation; alternatively change to Bus 147, direction Leopoldplatz, and get off at Deutsches Theater.
    b) The Albrechtstraße exit (250 m from the Foundation) is not equipped with an elevator.
  3. On underground line U6, the station Oranienburger Tor is equipped with an elevator; the station is 500 m from the Foundation.
  4. With tram lines M1, M6, and 12, get off at Oranienburger Tor; this stop is 500 m to 600 m from the Foundation.

Up-to-date transport information is available from the Berlin public transport corporation BVG. Go to or visit the S-Bahn pages at

Accessing our building

The entrance to our building is wheelchair-friendly.
The front entrance is equipped with an accessible intercom system.

A parking spot for disabled persons can be provided upon request.

Accessing our events

Our event space is on the first floor (US: second floor).
The building is equipped with an elevator.

Accessible toilets / bathrooms are available on the ground floor level.

For further questions please contact our event staff.

Wheelchair spaces

In our event spaces we provide dedicated spots for wheelchair users, as well as adequate seating. All tables come with a wheelchair clearance.

Understanding what is being said

Our main event space is equipped with an audio induction loop system for people with reduced ranges of hearing.
For selected events we provide sign language interpreters and / or speech-to-text reporters.

You may always bring along your own interpreter.

Live streaming

Public events will be live-streamed in order to make them accessible for people unable to visit the Heinrich Böll Foundation.
Following the event, recordings will be made available via our YouTube channel.


For selected exhibitions we will provide guided tours for the blind and the visually impaired and, where necessary, also for people with impaired hearing.

Support dogs and white canes may be used in all spaces that are open to the public.

Making our websites more accessible

Easy read:
Our annual reports and some other basic texts are available in an easy read format.

We are planning to use this format for other texts too.

A technical relaunch of our website is underway. We are aiming to complete this by the end of 2023.

We are in the process of providing more extensive image descriptions. Starting in late 2023 we will offer spoken versions of articles.

Many films and video clips are available with subtitles.

What’s next?

With every new development in the areas of information and educational content we are aiming to provide it in accessible ways.

We will improve the signage in all spaces that are open to the public, such as foyer, cafeteria, and our Beletage.


If you have questions about how to access our events, please do not hesitate and contact

Berlin, September 2023