Lepa Mlađenović, winner of the Anne Klein Women’s Award 2013

Lepa Mlađenović, winner of the Anne Klein Women’s Award 2013

Anne Klein Women’s Award 2013

Lepa Mlađenović, feminist acticist and intellectual from Serbia is the winner of our Anne Klein Women’s Award 2013. The award ceremony will take place in Berlin on March 1st. Here you find more information about the prize winner and about our work for women's rights and LGTBI-rights in the Balkans.  

Anne Klein Women’s Award 2013

Short Portrait: Lepa Mlađenović

- December 6, 2012 - To write a text about Lepa Mladjenovic in singular, be it in first or third person, is very difficult. Description of a woman who is to be awarded the Anne Klein Award would, therefore, have to be assembled from a myriad of voices of women whom she addressed, supported, encouraged, spurred to speak out, to return to themselves and their deepest emotions, whose emotions she articulated and brought to literacy, whom she taught to trust themselves and other women – all the women inside and around them. Adriana Zaharijević more»

Short Biography: Lepa Mlađenović

- December 6, 2012 - Feminist activist, feminist counselor working with traumatized women victims of male violence and lesbians.  Feminist activist of the Women in Black Against War, anti-war and anti-fascist group. more»

Politics of Women's Solidarity

- February 20, 2013 - "Women’s solidarity starts with my decision to hear the Other. To hear her experience, to make a space in my body for her, so that she can let her story come through the way she tells it.  This means that I have agreed that experience of each woman is equally valuable." Lepa Mlađenović about the feminist polics of women’s solidarity. Lepa Mlađenović more»

The Portrait of the LGTB Population in the Serbian Media Discourse

- February 12, 2013 - In spite of formal efforts, people of the LGTB population are still subjects to discrimination and are not being treated equally in Serbia. The analysis of media contents shows periodically repeated incidence of homophobic, patriarchal patterns. Media actors have to become aware of their responsibility, and of the impact of public words on the society.
Jelena Višnjic more»

EU Project

Coming out! - Advocating promotion and protection of LGBT rights

- 15. Februar 2013 - Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Bosnia and Herzegovina remains widespread. A new project by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in collaboration with the Sarajevo Open Center and the CURE Foundation seeks to promote LGTB rights through training programs for key actors and by building a strong network of LGBT Human Rights Defenders. mehr»

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