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Today the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the International Civil Society Centre, and numerous civil society organizations from around the world presented the Civic Charter. In a growing number of countries, civil society has increasingly less room to maneuver.

Air traffic must become climate neutral and more environmentally friendly. The question has been the subject of discussions since 2014 between Airbus Group and the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Now, they have summarised the outcome of this dialogue in the publication ‘Oben – Ihr Flugbegleiter’ (Aloft – An Inflight Review). The publication will be presented at the opening of the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) on 1st June 2016 in Berlin.

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Opposing the destruction of our ecosystem, pushing for democracy and human rights, promote iqual rights for women. These are only a few objectives of our work in foreign countries. Currently we work with more than 100 partnering projects in over 60 countries and maintain offices in 30 countries.

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The South African government has unreservedly endorsed the SDGs, noting that the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality that they address is also the primary focus of the country. This e-paper will show how the SDGs are conceptually aligned to the South Africa’s National Development Plan.

In 2013 countries agreed to establish the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage (WIM), but almost no work has been done on how to fund loss and damage. This discussion paper, while not presenting the final word on a range of issues related to international loss and damage financing, has nevertheless outlined some concrete steps forward over the next two years.

Cover the Clara group Briefing

Land use plays an important role in climate action and also serves multiple functions: providing food, livelihoods, habitats, water and much more. When climate action is discussed it must always consider human rights and food security. This briefing paper of the CLARA group calls on climate negotiators to tread carefully when considering climate action strategies.

Cover "India - National Policies and Global Commitments"

The alignment of G20 policies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is high on the Indian agenda. This paper examines the three areas energy and climate policy; sustainable and inclusive economic growth; and gender equality.

Cover: "The Real Price of Coal in the Wartime Donbas: a Human Rights Perspective"

This publication shows that the price of coal extraction in Donbas is not only its high production cost, but also a number of political and environmental consequences paid for by the people in Donbas and the entire population of Ukraine.

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