Shrishtee Bajpai

Shrishtee is a researcher-activist based in Pune and is member of an environmental action group- Kalpavriksh.

Her current research is focussed on exploring alternatives to mainstream development models, documenting worldviews of communities and networking. She helps in coordinating a process called the Vikalp Sangam (Alternatives Confluence). It is an ongoing process of bringing together practitioners, thinkers, researchers, and others working on alternatives to currently dominant forms of economic development and political governance.

She is a core team member of global platform similar and partly inspired by the Indian process called the -Global Tapestry of Alternatives. The process aims at creating exchanges, synergies, cross-learning, and collaboration amongst the various radical alternative and social/ecological justice movements around the world. She is also involved in organising Rights of Rivers dialogue in India next year and involved in research and advocacy for recognising rights of rivers in India.

Apart from this, she is deeply interested in birds, listening to music, reading, peanuts & almonds, hot-water baths, swimming and walking.