Myanmar Nandar

Comment by one of Myanmar’s most famous feminist thinkers and activists: Nandar

“This country has a serious and systematic problem with gender inequality and marginalizing certain ethnic groups. More than 135 ethnic groups live here and it is imperative that all voices are heard, respected and integrated into peace process - socially and politically. Inclusion matters. Right now, feminism is still a relatively new topic here and the women’s movement is in dire need for a better understanding of intersectional feminism. Without tolerating, accepting, and celebrating each other’s different identities and background, solidarity cannot happen. So, for equal representation and meaningful participation of women from different ethnicities and places, we must first provide them with equal access to resources and capacity building opportunities. To see improvements in Myanmar, we need more feminists included in all sectors across the country, such as in policy making, in media representations, in literature, in constructing buildings, etc.”

Nandar is a feminist activist, a translator, a founder and a performer. She has translated three books and performed in plays to raise awareness on issues such as domestic violence, street harassment, women’s body and rape. She was one of the co-organizers of The Vagina Monologues play that took place in Myanmar in 2018. She has also founded the organization The Purple Feminists Group which informs on menstruation hygiene, gender equity and feminism.