International Security Guarantees on the Way to a Permanent Agreement on a Two-State-Solution Israel / Palestine

March 20, 2012
The Core Group

One of the main obstacles inhibiting a political solution to the Israel–Palestine conflict is the lack of trust in the premise that a two-state solution will actually improve the security situation and lead to permanent peaceful coexistence. The withdrawal from Southern Lebanon proved to be a negative experience for Israel, while on the Palestinian side there are doubts that Israel would really respect the sovereignty of a Palestinian state.

It is against this background that the Heinrich Böll Foundation presents a proposal for building an international presence in the conflict zone on the way to a two-state solution. The paper is the result of intensive consultation among a group of high-level experts - amongst them security experts from Israel, Palestine, Europe and Canada. The consultation process was organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

A policy paper and a detailed blueprint outline the tasks and character of an international mission aimed at supporting Israel and Palestine in the implementation of a peace agreement.

The paper comprises recommendations for an international legal basis for such a mission, the emplacement of troops, funding possibilities, as well as detailed operating rules. The international presence should provide armed units endowed with a robust mandate in order to obtain the implementation of the agreements in cooperation with both sides. Their task will include monitoring and reporting on these changes, as well as the support of the local security forces in maintaining law and order, police training and conflict resolution.

Amongst the participating experts are Jibril Rajoub, member of the executive committee of the FATAH and political advisor to president Mahmud Abbas, Shlomo Brom, retired general and senior research fellow at the "Institute for National Security Studies" in Tel Aviv, and Klaus Naumann, retired general and former chairman of the NATO military committee.

The recommendations have already been introduced to representatives of the Israeli government and the Palestinian authority. During the week of March 13, 2012 the findings of the project will also be presented to experts and government representatives in Berlin, Brussels, New York and Washington

International Security Guarantees on the Way to a Permanent Agreement on a Two-State-Solution Israel / Palestine
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