Corporate Influence on the G20

The case of the B20 and transnational business networks
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Over the past eight years, the G20 has emerged as one of the most prominent political fora for international cooperation, far beyond its original mandate to tackle the global economic and financial crisis of 2007/2008. Today its agenda covers financial and economic issues, investment (particularly in infrastructure), labour market and employment policy, the opportunities and challenges of digital technology, climate change, development, agriculture, global health, migration, counter-terrorism, and other issues of global significance.

For transnational corporations and their national and international associations and lobby groups, the G20 process provides important opportunities to engage with the world’s most powerful governments on a regular basis, shape their discourse, and influence their decisions. For this purpose, business actors have created a broad network of alliances and fora around the G20, with the Business20 (B20) as the most visible symbol of corporate engagement.

Read more about the influence of the B20 in the following study.


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Date of Publication
March 2017
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and Global Policy Forum
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Table of contents
  • Executive Summary
  • I. Introduction: The G20 in the global governance architecture
  • II. Broadening legitimacy? The Engagement Groups of the G20
  • III. The G20 on the business agenda – key actors and institutions
    • The Business 20
    • The International Chamber of Commerce
    • Further channels of corporate influence
      • The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance
      • The G20 Agricultural Entrepreneurs Forum
      • McKinsey & Company
      • The special role of Bill Gates and his foundation
  • IV. Key messages of business actors to the G20 –and what’s wrong with them
    • Obsession with economic growth at the expense of the environment
    • Pushing for deregulation and investor interests
    • Promoting Public Private Partnerships and private finance of public infrastructure
    • Preferential treatment for the business lobby in global governance
  • V. Conclusions: Time to counterbalance corporate influence in the G20 54
  • Literature
  • Acronyms
  • Annex I: Overlapping interests: B20 Recommendations and G20 Leaders’ Communiqué 2016
  • Annex II: The Engagement Groups of the G20
  • Boxes, tables and charts
  • Box 1 A brief history of the G20
  • Box 2 Criticism of the G20
  • Box 3 Members of the ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group
  • Table 1 B20 thematic priorities/ topics of the B20 taskforces
  • Table 2 Regional distribution of B20 Taskforce participants 2016
  • Table 3 Leadership and Partners of German B20 Taskforces 2017
  • Chart 1 Organizational structure of the German B20


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