Office San Salvador - El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

Team photo in the garden: Six people are sitting, two people are standing next to them

The office is part of the Latin America program for El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Our team consists of a total of 7 people who accompany projects and programs in the 5 countries - mostly at regional level with partner organizations - mainly on the areas of democracy promotion and socio-ecological transformation.

What is common to countries (except Costa Rica) is that they have undergone revolutionary processes with still-weak democratic structures that are characterized by extremely high levels of social inequality. They are among the most vulnerable countries in terms of the global social and environmental impact of climate change. We work with our partners to visualize this problem and to implement alternative socio-political designs.

Dr. Ingrid Wehr

Fundación Heinrich Böll, Oficina Centroamérica
Hans-Georg Janze
Residencial Zanzíbar, Pasaje A-Oriente #24
San Salvador
El Salvador

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