«We need more information»
Oressia, 18, Belgium
«Now I can help shape the EU»
Kaan, 16, Germany
«Perhaps it will be a breath of fresh air in politics»
Xenia, 16, Austria
«Today there are no utopias. Rather, there are dystopias; we talk about a bad present and future. I believe, however, that these dystopias are very useful. They teach us that we should not chase after ghosts, but, as Voltaire said, we should cultivate our own garden. When we work on our present, we can improve our world to a certain extent, even without utopias. We don’t need any big ideas, no Cockaigne. If one has learnt that, then one also understands what liberal democracy means.»
Ágnes Heller, Philosopher (1929-2019)
«Europe as a partner ... calls for more cohesion, a greater sense of responsibility, and initiative. History is knocking at our door. Are we going to pretend that we cannot hear?»
Jacques Delors (1925-2023), President of the European Commission from 1985 to 1995, in his speech to the European Parliament on January 17, 1989
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