Afghanistan 2011: 10 Years of International Engagement


Afghanistan 2011 - 10 Years of International Engagement

Daily life in Kabul city, May 2011, © Bente Aika Scheller


After ten years of international involvement in Afghanistan, another high-level conference on Afghanistan will take place in Bonn this coming December 2011. Foreign ministers from over 90 countries will, together with the Afghan government, discuss and provide advice on the future of the country. Since 2002, the Heinrich Böll Foundation has actively supported the development of civil society in Afghanistan and has promoted exchanges between the German and Afghan public. The following dossier provides a venue for comments, analysis and debate ahead of the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan. The diverse collection of contributions also address these critical questions: What does the Afghan civil society hope will be achieved at the Bonn Conference and which role will they themselves play? What do they expect from the international community? And how do they see the future of their country, even after international troops withdraw in 2014?




Audiomitschnitte und Interviews

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