Dirk Scheelje
Ministry for School and Vocational Education, Schleswig-Holstein

Dirk Scheelje works in the Ministry for Schools and Vocational Education in Schleswig-Holstein in the area of quality assurance and curricula. He has been working in the state government since the end of the 1990s and has held very different responsibilities, from ministerial office management in two departments to child and youth policy, development cooperation, climate protection and international relations.

Politically, as a member of Alliance 90/The Greens, he has been active in various functions at municipal and state level. Currently, as a councillor of the state capital Kiel, he is the spokesperson for economic policy of the Green parliamentary group, chairman of the culture committee, chairman of the supervisory board of the Kiel Seaport and member of the supervisory boards of the Kiel Theatre, the Kieler Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Strukturentwicklungs GmbH and Kiel-Marketing.

As a board member of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein, he has contributed significantly to the development of the state foundation over the past 15 years, conceiving and launching numerous major projects, some of them international. Scheelje has been instrumental in gaining expertise in thematic fields such as the energy transition, culture and society, nutrition and maritime policy. The Landesstiftung's commitment to the transformation of a former garrison hospital in the north of Kiel, including the historical reappraisal of the site's significance in military history, can also be traced back to his initiative.

A unifying element of his political work is the approach of addressing green issues in the midst of society and tackling unconventional alliances and issues. He is primarily concerned with questions of shaping society for the future and is convinced that broad majorities in society can be found for the green approaches of sustainability in the use of resources, the strengthening of civil society, equal opportunities in living conditions and the assertion of individual rights.