Gelb-Grünes Titelbild von Exit plastic. Mit lila Schrift steht groß exit plastic auf grün-gelbem Hintergrund.

#exitplastic Now!

The manifesto for social and structural changes to solve the plastics crisis. A civil society call to  #exitplastic. Now!  
Combatting Global Plastic Pollution Cover Mit Grafik

Combatting Global Plastic Pollution

A critical look at the entire plastics cycle is also of crucial importance from a feminist perspective, because the plastic problem cannot simply be reduced to consumer use patterns or to harmful microplastics in cosmetic products. On the contrary, every stage of the plastics cycle reflects different gender-specific experiences and exposures.
Book cover of Plastic, waste & me


Specifically developed and designed for a young international audience, the digital book "Unpacked! Plastic, Waste, & Me" answers 70 questions about plastic in colorful infographics and six true stories. Book designer and author Gesine Grotrian and a team of experts from the Heinrich Böll Foundation together with an advisory board of young people from all over the world have created an exciting non-fiction book for young people aged 12 and over.